A Message from Howard Wiggs

Howard Wiggs A wise sage once noted that great leaders seek to find the best ways to do things rather than have his own way. We are at an extraordinary moment in the history and development of our city. Extraordinary because, we the people, have an enormous opportunity to choose if we want to continue the status quo or to determine by our actions that we can be better, far better. We are at a crossroads. Let’s build a better future. Strategically partnering with existing organizations will increase the number of quality jobs throughout our community. And, we need to make certain that ideas and fiscal responsibility triumph over rhetoric. I believe that this combination will ensure that Lakeland will grow markedly over the next four years through a commitment to collaboration and strategic vision.

The great strength of a prosperous city with an enviable quality of life is its people and their willingness to unite when faced with common threats. The threats are many: economic downturn, crime, unemployment, disrespect for fellow citizens, state and federal mandates, poor leadership, lack of vision- the list is legion. This campaign will focus on eliminating threats. This campaign will focus on uniting ideas and leadership. This campaign will focus on ensuring that everyone has a seat at the table. It will focus on remaining positive, on changing what needs to be changed and building on past success. It will focus on loving Lakeland.

I ask you to join our team- join these folks who are determined to make Lakeland the best that it can be.